Scientific dreams and persistence in making them come true change our world. Noticing this aspect of science, the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the PAS decided to set up a prize, which does not exist worldwide: the „Dream Chemistry Award” – an individual prize for a scientist for his/her scientific dreams. The first edition of the contest: "Dream Chemistry Award 2013" attracted young scientists from all over the world.

Here we are announcing the second edition of the Contest: "Dream Chemistry Award 2015". The goal of the Contest is to award a prize to a young scientist for the idea of a scientific project in the field of chemistry, combining chemistry with physics, biology, medicine or materials engineering. The project should be related to a scientific problem that the scientist dreams to solve. The prize is not awarded for scientific achievements, although the candidate’s scientific CV will be taken into account.

We expect projects responding to major challenges, which must not necessarily have high chances for implementation at present. Much more important aspect will be the strategy of how to solve the problem. According to what we know there is no such a contest worldwide.

The candidates for the Contest shall be nominated by experienced scientists and their projects must be submitted not later than 31 July 2015. If you want to take part at the „Dream Chemistry Award” Contest, look for an experienced scientist in your local community and ask him/her for a nomination.

To maintain the high scientific level, the Contest will be conducted with participation of the Honorary Committee composed of Professors: Richard Schrock (MIT), Nobel Prize winner, Krzysztof Matyjaszewski (Carnegie Mellon University) and Bartosz Grzybowski (Northwestern University). The projects submitted for the Contest will be first evaluated by the members of the Scientific Committee, composed of the outstanding Polish experts in physics, biology, medicine and materials engineering. The authors of the five best projects will present their ideas before the members of the Honorary and the Scientific Committees who then will select the Contest winner. The winner will receive a financial prize of 15,000 Euro and a statuette.

Sincerely yours

Robert Hołyst
Chairman of the Scientific Committee „Dream Chemistry Award”